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Retirement Planning is something everyone should do but many don't.  People who do gain great benefits in knowing where they are at, where they want to go, and how to get there.  No matter what your situation is, having a plan helps you make progress and sleep better at night.

At Chicago Wealth Management Group we have three service levels to help you:

  1. Retirement Goal Planning
  2. Multiple Financial Goal Planning
  3. Complete Financial Planning

Each new level involves a deeper dive into your unique situation and as a result each level can cost more time and money.

We recommend everyone start with Retirement Goal Planning.  We can quickly work with you to collect your current information, your future goals, put together some assumptions, make recommendations, and give you a plan that we can monitor each year.

Multiple Financial Goal Planning is similar but we bring in additional goals.

Putting together a Complete Financial Plan involves getting into the details of your situation including expense budgeting, cash flow analysis, liability review, estate implications and many other things.

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